Keanu Reeves' role in Cyberpunk 2077 is just one example of well-known guest appearances in top games. In our gallery you will find 18 great acting stars who have participated in games.

Video game culture

To have something Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Dormer, Ellen Page and Norman Reedus together? Right, they all worked as actors in a video game and gave characters their voice and often their face.

Casting famous actors for a video game is definitely good for PR. However, most actors are famous because they are particularly good at their profession, acting. The ability to portray and convey stories, characters and feelings in a credible way is an asset for every video game.

In this photo gallery you will find many well-known actors who have already been seen in one or the other game:

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You can also find these 18 celebrities in video games

Can you think of any other Hollywood stars or famous people who have already played in a video game? Write your ideas in the comments.

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