Perma-Bann for Dr Disrespect on Twitch

from Karsten Scholz
A few days ago, the account of the well-known Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect was banned by those responsible for the platform, this time apparently forever. Now Dr Disrespect aka Guy Beahm commented on the spell and revealed that he himself does not know the reason for the punishment.

Streaming has grown into a huge business in recent years where greats like ninja or shroud are making millions. One of the biggest and most popular streamers from Twitch is certainly Dr Disrespect (aka Guy Beahm) with four million subscribers. Even if he was able to agree on an exclusive contract with Twitch, he still has the reputation of crossing a border every now and then and then messing around with those responsible for the streaming portal. Let's just take that Toilet action at E3 2019.

In previous cases, however, there was always reconciliation, including a furious comeback. However, the latest punishment that Dr Disrespect caught on Friday now appears to be much more serious. In the middle of the stream, the actually good mood of the streamer turned into the opposite. He seemed to be completely out of the role … and then he was offline.

Permanent, like among other things Industry insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau reported afterwards. In addition, his Twitch subs were refunded and the Twitch partnership dissolved.

Dr Disrespect later announced via Twitter that those responsible on Twitter have not yet told him why he was permanently banned.

A Twitch spokesman has opposite Polygon and Kotaku issued the following statement: "As is our practice, we take reasonable action when we have evidence that a streamer violates community guidelines or terms of use. This applies to all streamer, regardless of how prominent they are."

Dr Disrespect currently sees only two options: A) Find a solution with Twitch or B) Switch to another platform. However, since the Mixer streaming service recently announced its early end, not many options remain. We will keep you up to date.

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