Pet fights in the focus of the Devs

A few days ago, we already showed you the new pets of the upcoming big content patch (WoW Patch 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth). Now the developers of Blizzard Entertainment have one Blog Post in which they explain the future of pet fights in patch 8.3. Below we have summarized the most important information for you.

New weather effects need the country

Weather effects have always had an impact on the course of the pet fights. So the previous effects (Sandstorm. sunlight and Cleaning rain) depending on the field of application quite effective. Effects like blizzard or bad weather However, they have fallen by the wayside. Therefore, the last two weather effects will be new effects in the upcoming update (patch 8.3) expanded:

  • blizzard
    • Now also increases elemental damage 25 percent,
  • bad weather
    • Now increase any critical damage 25 percent,

Important: Critical hits usually cause 150 percent of the usual damage. bad weather this will now be on 175 percent increase!

Furthermore, a new weather effect will take hold: Toxic Fumes, This causes Drachenkin– Damage to the enemy pet and causes the "Toxic Fumes"-Wettereffekt.

Maximum level

In "Visions of N'Zoth," all new outdoor pets will take on the level of your highest pet of the current team and will no longer automatically be a level 25 pet. This also applies to the pets from Nazjatar and Mechagon and all previous pet world quests will be adjusted. This will allow you to get hold of them if you only have a team of three Tier 1 pets!

Adjustments to the values

In the upcoming update, the way in which damage reduction abilities interact will be adjusted. So it will no longer be possible that certain pets thanks to two skills with each -50 percent Damage reduction get immunity. Instead, it becomes one Hardcap of -75 percent give.

However, it should be noted at this point that skills such as Dodge or defense continue to block any damage.

What does the future hold for pet fights?

In a future update, balance changes will be made to mitigate the effectiveness of some strategies or pets. However, these changes will not happen in patch 8.3 – However, at this point you would like to prepare the community for changes to take place. Although there are currently no precise details, some changes are planned in terms of the following capabilities:

  • Black claw and similar abilities that increase the damage taken by a fixed amount.
  • hunting packs as well as similar abilities (like crowd).
  • The influences on the defense of pets through skills like crowdor hunting packs,
  • Any effects that increase the damage suffered or dealt with on a percentage basis.
  • twilight meteorite as well as similar abilities.
  • The "Glass with stinking liquid"-Ability
  • Of the hermit crab
    • Although hermit crab is not a skill, it unintentionally has a higher stat budget than other pets and is therefore toned down.

The developers point out that they do not want to ruin the good feeling of successful combination possibilities and therefore the interaction possibilities of certain abilities (for example Black claw With hunting packs or crowd). However, it is very important that these abilities deal the correct damage.

What do you think of these changes? Are you looking forward to the pet fights in WoW Patch 8.3? Write us in the comments!

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