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It's been a long time since a WoW expansion surprised us with so many hidden small events and Easter eggs. With Shadowlands we get a lot of spectacle in the realms of the dead that enchants us or makes our blood run cold. If you steal Remornia's will from Count Denathrius in Castle Nathria, you should definitely pay a visit to the flight master in Oribos.

Count Denathrius is the devious ruler of Revendreth, the realm in which the souls of sinners get their last chance of redemption. Well he WAS the ruler of Revendreth, because after his defeat in the castle of Nathria, the treacherous count serves his sentence in the fall of man. Denathrius' essence now rests in his rune blade Remornia, which is guarded in a secluded tower by the rescued Naaru Z'rali.

Denathrius' intrigue in Shadowlands is far from over. After all, the Count has a very special surprise in store for us. Those who were lucky enough to have Denathrius' dancing rune sword in Castle Nathria Remornia's will Capturing as a pet is a gruesome spectacle at the flight master in Oribos. As if out of nowhere, the mini version of Remornia attacks the eternal wyrm at the airfield. The sword does not let go of the victims until both creatures are dead on the ground. What a bloodthirsty pet! Incidentally, made this gruesome discovery pok456who captured the massacre on some screenshots and his pictures Reddit posted:

Don't worry, with the Eternal Wyrms Remornia's will slaughtered, they are apparently only exhibits. If you want to take off, the taciturn flight master simply equips you with a new flight mount. Nevertheless, the spectacle is a bit disturbing, especially for the perplexed players who stand around the dead flying animals with many question marks over their heads.

Who of you already has Pet Remornia's will? And what do you think of the hidden mini-events? Maybe you even discovered something new? Let us know in the comments!

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