The ghosts from Phasmophobia can now reach through your monitor to touch your real body. At least if you are the proud owner of a bHaptics suit. The game's latest beta update adds support for bHaptics' full body suits and face masks. These make the game vibrate your body when a ghost emerges.

Together with Phasmophobia's VR support, you can now transfer your entire body into the game. This function will probably only be used by the toughest ghost hunters. The suits are also from bHaptics not exactly cheap. The simplest form already costs you 299 dollars (about 250 euros), while a more expensive version with 40 instead of 16 vibration points costs 499 dollars (about 417 euros).

All detectives with less budget were not forgotten in the new update. In addition to some bug fixes, ghosts are now able to blow out candles if the lamps in a room are switched off. New rewards for discovering a ghost through the candles, among other things, have also been added.

The one-man development studio Kinetic Games is continuously delivering more content for the co-op horror game. So Phasmophobia received on March 6th an update with some quality-of-life improvements, changes to the AI ​​of the mind and to the gameplay, as well as new temperature mechanics, and much more.

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