Phil Spencer reveals how developers earn money with the model

The Xbox Game Pass is now one of Microsoft's most important pillars when it comes to the Xbox ecosystem. In addition to the games from Xbox Game Studios, which are available for launch with subscription, numerous partner studios have also published their titles in the Xbox Game Pass. In an interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now revealed how developers earn money at all when they offer their game there.

However, there is no general answer here. Accordingly, the deals should be individually adapted with the corresponding teams. Nevertheless, Phil Spencer gave a few examples. Among other things, there is the case that a smaller development studio starts a project and agrees to a launch in Xbox Game Pass if Microsoft supports the development financially. Sometimes even the full cost of the game is covered. The makers can then make profits by offering the title physically in stores or digitally for PlayStation, Switch, Xbox or Steam. In other cases, the game is almost finished and Microsoft simply pays a certain amount for the launch in Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

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In the long term, however, Phil Spencer would like to make more consistent deals with partners. Currently, Microsoft is still busy finding the right way, with which the developers will be satisfied. At the launch of the Xbox Series X / S, EA Play also became part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Xbox Game Pass for the PC.

Source: The Verge

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