Photo mode also comes for PS4 version

of Andreas Bertits
The PC version of the open world game Death Stranding gets a photo mode. PS4 players found this somewhat unfair, which is why Kojima Productions has now announced this feature for the PS4 version.

Do you own the open world game? Death stranding on Playstation 4 and are you annoyed that the upcoming PC version will get a photo mode? Kojima Productions provides a remedy.

You can also take photos of the game on PS4

Like the developers of Death Stranding (buy now for € 47.00) have announced that the PS4 version of the game will be updated with photo mode. But it is not yet certain when it will happen. The team wants to report new information soon. The players are very happy about this announcement.

Death Stranding is a visually impressive title that is very suitable for taking photos during long journeys. Many exciting and funny photos will surely appear in the community. Now it is time to wait and see when the photo mode for the PS4 version of Death Stranding comes. The PC version, which has already integrated this mode, will be released on June 2. Maybe PS4 owners can take photos earlier.

Source: Twitter

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