In Dead by Daylight, you are usually either busy repairing generators, saving your partner from the hook, or watching other teammates be slaughtered. If you have to watch, why not have some fun with it?

The survival horror game Dead by Daylight is actually about making good use of the short time that the killer doesn't chase yourself. For example, to repair generators or to help others on the team. If you don’t take a game that seriously, sometimes there’s time to troll the killer. This has become a fun trend since the beginning of the game – but photobombing is a bit younger.

As a killer you have a huge selection.

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Look look!

In Dead by Daylight, the killer has several options for killing his victim. For one thing, he can take advantage of the hooks. Here he has to hang up his victim several times until he is really fatally injured and out of the game. Another option is to let the survivors bleed to death on the ground. If that's too boring, you can do it Memento Mori to use. This is a skill the killer can choose before the round begins if he has the necessary item. With this skill, he is able to kill his prey anywhere or anytime on the map, directly or after hanging once.

And what are some survivors doing? she photobombs the Memento Mori, where the killer performs a multi-second kill move:

Kate photobombed my Mori from r / DeadByDaylightKillers

Photobombed three survivors getting mori’ed by Ghostface, would love to see it from his pov (but forgot to ask…) from r / deadbydaylight

Hi I'm the jane and I love to photobomb moris (my friend supplied the photo) from r / deadbydaylight

Each of the killers in Dead By Daylight has its own kill animation. The murderer Ghost Face – who is very reminiscent of Scream – photographs himself again with his victim, for example. This is why Ghost Face is the most popular for photobombing. So it is important to wait for the right moment and then sneak onto the picture. Say cheeeese!