Physics plug-in also released for Unreal Engine 4

from Antonio Funes
With a plug-in from the new FEMFX programmer library for Unreal Engine 4, complex explosions or splinters can be displayed in a way that conserves resources and is physically close to reality. The principle is based on the fact that splinters are not reproduced 100 percent correctly. Rather, the plug-in uses placeholder objects that are much less complex to calculate.

AMD has released a new free CPU library for developers, which is in the Tool package GPUOpen is integrated, as reported by wccftech, GPUOpen is basically the AMD variant of the Nvidia GameWorks package. The new tool library is called FEMFX, which has nothing to do with female activists, but rather stands for Finite Element Method (FEM) and Effects (FX). FEM is a method that can be used to graphically implement complex splinters or explosions of objects by using comparatively simple, smaller objects to create the splinters. This means that you do not have to physically calculate 100 percent correct and authentic fragment fragments, but on the other hand you do not use fragment objects that are too simple to replace.

Based on the FEMFX library, there is also a plug-in for the 3D animation software Houdini as well as one for the Unreal Engine 4. The new plug-in could cause unreal Engine 4 explosions or splinters to appear in a way displayed that would previously have required more computing power for a comparable result. By using the plug-in, you could implement more realistic and physically correct object destruction without loss of performance than with classic methods. In May, AMD already explained the plans to integrate FEM into the Unreal Engine – we have embedded the lecture published on the Unreal YouTube channel here for you.

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