Do you go on pilgrimage every Friday evening to watch the new episode of the series Star Trek: Picard, which is aired on Amazon? Do you wait until all episodes are available? Or are you not interested in the new adventures of Jean-Luc Picard at all? If you are up to date with the series, then you are welcome to read on, we warn everyone else about spoilers!

Because showrunner Michael Chabon posted a video on Instagram that should answer the most common questions about the new series in the Star Trek universe – especially those that, in the eyes of some fans, mean a break with the canon that has been established for decades. Chabon tries to make it clear to fans that everything is not so white and black, as many questioners see it. We have summarized the questions and answers for you below. If you are not yet ready, you should neither click the video nor read on.

Why is Kommodore Oh wearing sunglasses?
Any trekker who claims to be one knows that Vulcans have two eyelids to protect themselves from the intensity of the three suns in their home world. So why is Oh wearing sunglasses in Picard? Michael Chabon gives the answer: "So what do we logically conclude from this?" This answer can also be translated into: "Are we really sure that Oh belongs to the Vulcans?"

Vaped Raffi seriously?
Raffi, according to Chabon, uses a traditional Orionic flash pipe, which is also known as Horgl. Horgl have been used on the planet for centuries to ennoble the fleshy tendrils of an intoxicating plant known as the horx or snake willow.

Shouldn't sunglasses and Horgls and earplugs (used by Jurati) look more futuristic in 2399?
"We have been thinking about it for a long time. When you do a program about the future, we have to constantly question how people use everyday objects. A guiding principle is that some fundamental objects and tools will eventually achieve the ideal shape," Chabon writes, pointing out a knife, a bottle and books. "This ideal form is efficient, economical, comfortable, durable, practical, effective, useful – and does not change much afterwards, except as a fashion item, which is also done very retrospectively." Chabon argues that at some point all objects of everyday life were new and corresponded to the spirit of the times until they reached the ideal shape.

And what about Rios' tobacco use? Shouldn't he know better?
Rios' strict conscientiousness follows some old-fashioned habits and behaviors that are all linked to his Latin American roots, Chabon notes. "And would you believe it … synth cigars?"

And what about the swear words, Chabon?
"Listen," said Chabon, "no human society will ever be perfect, because no one is perfect." The best thing that could be done, whatever Star Trek reminds you, would be to strive for perfection. "Norkon forden perfectunun once said a wise Yang. Shit will continue to happen until this impossible day. And if shit happens, people will curse." Chabon argues that the absence of curses in Star Trek was never related to the principles of the Federation, but rather the rules of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission, a federal agency that regulates communication channels). "The writers of the previous series had no choice, they were censored." In Chabon's eyes, it would be a "fucking dystopia" if a society ever stopped or prohibited the use of curse words.

If Romulans have so much against synthetic life, why was a Romulan admiral so interested in data before?
The existence of a Romulan cyberneticist is similar to being a doctor of the Third Reich, Chabon writes. However, in the TNG episode "The Defector" that the question is aimed at, Data also says that the concept doesn't sound very appealing and that Romulans should feel the same way. In this way Chabon may circumvent the topic a bit, but in "The Defector" it is also hinted that the Romulans should not gain anything from synthetic life.

Why does Raffi call Jean-Luc JL? How disrespectful, Picard would not tolerate that!
That may be true, Chabon writes, but neither is the Picard as we know it. "The hard, thankless, desperate work to help the refugees has caused them (Raffi and Picard) to develop a strange (non-sexual) intimacy on the deserted colonial worlds, where they are often the only officers of the Starfleet and the only people were. "

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