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After the prototype for a Gothic remake by THQ Nordic was last published, those responsible for the original at Piranha Bytes have now made it clear that they have nothing to do with it. You would be highly motivated to play your own role-playing game, which will be announced next year.

You have surely noticed: Recently, those responsible at THQ Nordic have all Gothic fans with one Remake of the first Gothic part from 2001 surprised. More precisely: with a playable prototype in which you can already travel and explore the mine colony of Khorinis. The studio of the original gothic, Piranha Bytes, now belongs to THQ Nordic – so it is not surprising that after the prototype was released, many fans contacted Urpiranha Björn Pankratz and Co. to find out more.

The reaction of the developers proves that numerous fans at Piranha Bytes have to be served. On the one hand there was a multi-part post on Twitter, on the other hand, today, on December 19, a special episode of Piranha Becken TV went online, in which Björn and Jennifer Pankratz made it clear: THQ Nordic Barcelona's creative minds are currently working on the Gothic remake , The Piranhas have been working on a new role-playing game that has been announced for the coming year. But hear and see for yourself:

Of course, there were no specific details about the new Piranha Bytes project. However, many are currently expecting a successor to the successful role-playing game Elex (buy now for 16.52 €), There was an indication of this in 2017, when Piranha Bytes received funding of 150,000 euros and Elex 2 appeared on the list of funded projects (via PC games). We will probably be smarter after E3 2020 or the next Gamescom.

Elex: In the release trailer, things go very quickly

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Elex: Positive, ugly and weird voices about the game in the trailer

After the release of Elex, THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes released a trailer with voices of a special kind.

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