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Disney is currently working on a new film in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series. Supposedly it is a reboot. Or isn't it? Because now there were rumors that Disney would like to have Johnny Depp on board as Captain Jack Sparrow again.

Captain Jack Sparrow's adventures went along Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge Ended? At least it looked like Disney was apparently planning to reboot the film series. However, things are apparently different now.

Captain Sparrow Returns?

Insiders want to know that management at Disney actor Johnny Depp would like to see Captain Jack Sparrow again. But not in the main role. Sparrow is said to play an important supporting role. The story is said to be about a female pirate. How Captain Jack Sparrow fits into history here is unclear. He may take on the role of mentor – if the rumor is correct and Johnny Depp is also available for a return.

When we get the next movie on Pirates of the Caribbean (buy now) see and what it is about is not yet known. But Disney doesn't want to give up the brand.

Source: Latino Review

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