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The fans of the zoo simulation Planet Zoo can look forward to further supplies very soon. Frontier Developments has announced "South America Pack", a new DLC that brings additional animals and buildings. The release is planned for April 7, 2020, the first trailer can be seen in the message.

In the past few weeks, the zoo simulation Planet Zoo had become a little quieter. But now there is a sign of life again – a very pleasing one for the fans. The responsible developer Studio Frontier Developments has announced another DLC. It goes by the name of "South America Pack" and is scheduled to appear on April 7, 2020 for the PC – the next Tuesday.

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As the title of the download extension already suggests, everything revolves around South American realms. This is already noticeable in the five new animals that are included in the DLC. So you will soon be able to settle among other things graceful jaguars, clumsy anteaters and lovable llamas in your Zoo Zoo. The package also includes more than 250 themed buildings and objects that give every virtual zoo a South American flair. The price of the "South America Pack" should be 10.99 euros. A first trailer and new screenshots can be found directly below this message.

Incidentally, a free update for all Planet Zoo players will be released at the same time as the DLC. For example, this should result in new settings for the level of difficulty, changes in feeding the animals and additional in-game objects. However, the full patch notes are not yet known.

Source: Frontier Developments

Planet Zoo: Trailer for the DLC "South America Pack"

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