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The Battle Royale shooter Planetside Arena was plagued by problems right from the start. Even the launch didn't go smoothly and now the servers are closed after only four months of operation.

The Battle Royale shooter started on September 19, 2019 Planetside arena officially. Before that, there were already some problems during the beta that delayed the launch. But now the developers have to announce the end of the game.

The end of Planetside Arena

The servers will be shut down on January 10, 2020. The game didn't even last four months. DLCs ​​can no longer be purchased.

"Although our team had an ambitious vision for the game, which combined the great struggle and camaraderie of Planetside with a variety of new game modes, after several months in Early Access it became clear that our player numbers made it impossible to maintain this vision of the planned gaming experience As a result, the Planetside Arena servers will shutdown on January 10, 2020, "the official statement said.

The first season of Planetside Arena should have started in January 2020. But logically nothing will come of it now. The developers are now devoted to other projects, but want to remain true to the Planetside universe.

Source: VG247

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