Plans and prize money for MDI and AWC in 2020

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In 2020, Blizzard-Esports will once again offer exciting live broadcasts with its two tournaments, Arena World Championships (AWC) and Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). Both tournaments have even been confirmed for Shadowlands.

Blizzard will continue to hold its WoW esports titles in 2020 (buy now for € 19.99) firm and has now the plans published for the Arena World Championships (AWC) and the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). The WoW teams are playing for a total prize pool of USD 800,000. The whole thing has recently been transmitted via official World of Warcraft Youtube channel. It starts on April 11th with the MDI.

The finals of the two WoW Esports tournaments are usually held at BlizzCon at the end of the year, but this is no longer the case with the new schedule. Blizzard already has some ideas. More information will follow shortly.

Mythic Dungeon International 2020

Plans for MDI and AWC - WoW Esports in 2020 and Shadowlands (2)

Plans for MDI and AWC – WoW Esports in 2020 and Shadowlands (2)

Source: Blizzard

Players from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Korea, China and Taiwan are now competing in the European and Asia (EU / Asia) division. The American (AMER) division consists of players from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Which region a team belongs to depends on the origin of the majority of the team members.

Over a total of three cups per region, the teams qualify for the final round of Mythisch-Plus Season 4 in BfA. New are the two parts of Mechagon and of course the current season affix Awakened. In total, the participants of the MDI are playing for a prize pool of USD 300,000. Additional MDI tournaments are also planned for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion.

Arena World Championships 2020

Plans for MDI and AWC - WoW Esports in 2020 and Shadowlands (3)

Plans for MDI and AWC – WoW Esports in 2020 and Shadowlands (3)

Source: Blizzard

In spring, players can register for the AWC qualifying rounds. The eight cups (four each for North America and Europe), each with 10,000 USD in prize money, are about earning the most AWC points in order to qualify for the final tournament.

The eight best teams in the world will then fight for a prize pool of USD 500,000. For Shadowlands, as with the MDI, a lot is already being planned. The first AWC Tournament Series in Shadowlands consists of two decisive competition seasons. These seasons include online cups and two live tournaments: a mid-year LAN tournament and a summer finals event, similar to the Battle for Azeroth Finals this year.

WoW: Furorion versus N'Zoth in Ny'alotha – Ingame-Cinematic

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