Valve had reason to celebrate on the Black Friday weekend: Thanks to the massive onslaught of PC players, the Steam platform was able to break a remarkable record – and even twice.

Last weekend, Steam was able to set a new player record on Saturday – only to immediately beat it again on Sunday. With more than 27 million players logged in at the same time the PC platform was able to set an impressive record. Reasons for the soaring are likely to be several sales and a public holiday in the USA.

Steam: New player record set

On Saturday Steam was able to record the previous high of 27,182,165 simultaneously logged-in players. However, the new record only lasted one day because on Sunday, 27,384,959 were registered on the platform. Of the more than 27 million players, around 7.8 million were active in games at the same time. (Source: SteamDB)

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With this flood of players could surpassed the previous record from April 2021 with 26.9 million players will. Last weekend’s success was surely also due to the US holiday Thanksgiving, the Black Friday promotions of various retailers and the in-house Steam sale, where countless top games are still heavily discounted until December 1st.

New records in 2022 with the Steam Deck?

While the new player record undoubtedly proves that the Steam platform could be doing splendidly Valve aiming for new records in the next year. After all, the new handheld console, the Steam Deck, is slated to appear in February 2022. How many gamers will actually hold the console in their hands at the beginning is still open – after all, Valve is also struggling with the material shortage that has made the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S real rarities for a year now.

In our video we show you the game highlights of the year:

Steam was able to beat its own player record twice on the weekend between Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Monday. With over 27 million players, the gaming platform set an impressive record.

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