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Platinum Games has received an unknown equity investment from Tencent. With the money, the studio wants to pursue, among other things, the goal of being able to publish its own games in the near future. Platinum Games' current projects include Babylon's Fall (Square Enix) and Bayonetta 3, which is being developed with Nintendo.

Chinese internet company Tencent has announced a partnership with Platinum Games. The developer studio can also look forward to an equity investment by Tencent. However, the amount was not announced. However, according to Kenichi Sato (CEO of Platinum Games), the partnership should "have no impact on the independence of the company".

With the additional capital, Platinum Games not only wants to strengthen the foundation of the company, but also to pursue the goal of becoming the publisher of its own games in the future. The studio is currently working on Nintendo on Bayonetta 3 and Square Enix Babylon's case, Another game, Astral Chain, was recently released exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

It was only in November 2019 that Tencent acquired a total of ten percent of the shares in the Sumo Group, which were responsible for Crackdown 3, among other things. Tencent also holds stakes in companies such as Supercell, Epic Games, Bluehole, Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft. Studios like Riot Games are 100% owned by the Chinese internet company.

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