Play Borderlands 3 and more for free: gaming offers for the weekend

Borderlands 3 is not a bed of roses (the cover is lying!), But rosy might still look good this weekend – assuming you're happy to play Borderlands 3 and more for free. In addition, there are some games greatly reduced – thanks to Black Friday.

Rosy note: Offers of the week is a flowery confrontation with the discounted games, which throw from various stores not quite as indiscriminate over the week on the garbage table. There are also some other offers and free games, which are sometimes hyped by my colleagues. Just because. The offers are updated as often as necessary – except on weekends when I play Jedi: Fallen Order. Have fun!

PS4 and Xbox One: Borderlands 3 free on weekends


Well, if you can play Borderlands 3 in four days? If so, you have the perfect opportunity to save 70 Euros – because Borderlands 3 will be sold by the November 21st through November 24th for free, but only on the PS4 and Xbox One, When exactly the action starts today, ie on 21 November, is not yet known. Unfortunately, while writing this text, it is not yet time – so I recommend you to join Borderlands 3 in the PS4 Store to pass regularly. Or just in Xbox Store,

Is Borderlands 3 the best part of the series? Alex Duk, the old Looter, tells you in his test.

Steam – Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for free on the weekend

The Vermintide is coming – for free

Borderlands 3 is not enough blood, chaos and destruction for you? Then check out Warhammer this weekend: Vermintide 2 over! What Warhammer means and inevitably reminds me of endlessly long strategy campaigns (thanks, Total War!) Actually has nothing to do with strategy. Much more is a wet bloody first-person carnage. With up to four players you kick nasty orcs in the coop – what could be better on a few days off?

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is on Steam for free, However only until the 24th of November, But do not worry: yet until the 26th of November you get the game on Steam greatly reduced for only 27.99 euros 6,99 Euro, And then you can putter yourself in peace through infinite Orcs hordes – does not that sound wonderful?

Humble Bundle: Serial Cleaner for free

Has anyone called the crime scene cleaner?

Blood, corpses, big crimes! But you yourself are not among the ranks of the culprits, but come into play only when the action is over. You are a crime scene cleaner – but not with the police, but with the mafia. By sucking away blood, leaving corpses and destroying all evidence, you earn your living. But be careful that the cops do not catch you cleaning. Because even if the real party goes on without you, you are as much a criminal as the mafia you are employed by.

To get Serial Cleaner for free, you need an account Humble Bundle, You also have to do that Newsletter subscribe or have already subscribed. Then you get a key for Serial Cleaner, which you can redeem on Steam.

It's just a pity that you can not play Bjarne Mädel personally in the game – but at least you can pretend that you are in the game.

Epic Store: Bad North for free

Baden in the north

Of course, Bad North has nothing to do with a nice dip in the north, although you'll have to be careful that your Nordic wars are not bathing – figuratively: the Stratgie Rogue-Like lets you fight the nasty Vikings who take over your islands and want to kill your soldiers. Place your troop strategically in real-time and try not to lose everything – otherwise the adventure starts again, after all, is a rogue-like. And that's it for free at the Epic Store from the 21st November, sometime during the day.

Ubisoft Store: Black Friday Action

First offers

Black Friday is slowly picking up, although supply chaos should start next week – but who are we to complain? Ubisoft seems to enjoy the calm before the storm and has already started their own Black Friday. On the Website for Ubisoft Store you can take a closer look at the many offers, but it's just Ubisoft games. Obviously. But please do not bring The Settlers 2 (if that was your dream) – you can do that in the Internet archive Play for free and without a DOS simulator.

Xbox Store: Action before Black Friday

First offer²

Dear Xbox owners, you may breathe a sigh of relief: for you, there are not just Ubisoft games, but a few other discounted titles in the run-up to the big one Black Friday action on November 25th in the Microsoft store are to have. If you have an Xbox Gold Membership, you can grab the following nice games:

  • Prison Architect free over the weekend
  • FIFA The Journey – Trilogy for 11,99 Euro 59.99 euros
    • FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19
  • Grand Theft Auto 5: Premium Online Edition for 9,89 euros 29.99 euros

And as I said: from the 25. November it starts right. AHHH!

Tip of the week: Concluse 2 demo

Silent Hill-esque

Seems almost as if I give you almost every week horror tips – which I urgently need to change! But it's also difficult, as I spend more time amusing myself with the genre and therefore often stumble over some nice scary delicacies. You may imagine here how I shrug helplessly with my shoulder. Well – here is the trailer for the wonderful Concluse 2: Demo, which you can play completely free of charge. It costs you at most nerves – ha ha!

If you enjoy pixelated black disgusting Silent Hill horror, then Concluse is for you. Already the first part was free and absolutely frightening. Much to my delight, the same developer Jon Martin has released a sequel, and you can now play the demo on Steam. If you want to give the horror a chance, however, I recommend you to start with the first part.

Incidentally, if Concluse is old hat for you and is looking for her hand-to-hand after the next Silent Hill game, then you should as well Lost in vivo Like it. I could not say which of the two games is worse. Well!

Something very different to recover from all the horrors: games in which you are allowed to clean up comfortably!

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What are you playing this weekend? I'll go back to my Jedi training in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and maybe even peek into Shenmue 3 if time permits. Whether it's worth it – Shenmue 3 – you will learn next or next week on the page.