Play Final Fantasy 14 for free for eight whole days!

from Stefan Brunk
Square Enix has again announced a free login campaign for Final Fantasy 14. This time, former players can play for free for a full eight days. The campaign is expected to continue until May 17th.

If you are urgently looking for a job these days, we have a very special tip for you: Until May 17, all former Final Fantasy 14 players can log in for 192 hours free of charge and enjoy the content up to and including the latest patch 5.2 . Anyone who has ever registered a version of Final Fantasy 14 and whose subscription has expired for more than 30 days can take part in the campaign. The free test account is unfortunately not included.

If you already have a long break behind you, you can expect some surprises. So the extension offers Shadowbringers an excellent campaign with over 40 hours of game time and many innovations to the game system, such as the "side by side" mode, with which you can visit the dungeons with the well-known NPC companions. Patch 5.2, which was released on February 18, also had a lot of new challenges. For example, probably Ruby Weapon Many veterans are still well known from Final Fantasy 7 and has been available to all players as a crisp test since this update.

The exact conditions of participation can be viewed here again:

  • You have a service account in which the full version of FINAL FANTSAY XIV is registered.
  • You do not have an active service account on which game time is still available (so there is no other way to play when you log in).
  • Those who had no valid subscription for 30 days or more after the end of the subscription (or after the end of the test season), calculated from the day after the last day of the game.

Here you will get to the official announcement with all further information.

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