Play Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord in German: Mod provides German translation

from David Martin
Mount & Blade 2: Play Bannerlord in German – a mod makes it possible. A group of hobby programmers delivers a German translation for the trendy strategy role-playing mix. The mod team has the download and instructions on Steam. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has recently become available as an early access version. Despite the missing features – such as a German translation by the developer – Bannerlord is very popular – and has a high number of players. Since the release, the developers have submitted new updates every day.

Mount and Blade 2: Playing the banner lord in German: A group of hobby developers has quickly published a German translation for the strategy-role-playing mix. The mod and instructions are available for download on Steam. There the programmers say: "We, a small group of players, have made it our task to translate the game content into German as best as possible, so that we can have even more fun with it".

The first release for the German translation followed last Friday. Since then, the team responsible for the mod has submitted several updates. The players on the Steam page inform that the mod file must be reinstalled after every game update. Accordingly, a regular new installation is currently necessary: ​​The developers of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord have submitted new patches every day since the release about a week ago.

Bannerlord was launched as an early access version on Steam at the end of March. The strategy RPG was so well received by the players that it climbed straight to the top of the Steam games with most of the simultaneously active players. At what point in time the developers will deliver an "official" German translation is not yet known. In our news area we will keep you up to date as usual.

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