You can test the games on Steam until March 23, which should actually be presented at the GDC. The demos of the indie games span many genres and are a good pastime and a way to discover new favorites.

Update from March 19 – 1:19 p.m.

After the GDC had to be canceled, Steam and Geoff Keighley jumped with the Steam Game Festival Spring Edition and give players the opportunity to play through the weekend with over 40 free demos. The selection comes from the indie Mega Boooth, Wings Fund, Day of the Devs and The Mix.

With Haven, Spiritfarer and Heavenly Bodies we present three very different and interesting demos.

Haven – a co-op game for real togetherness

Even if you could play the RPG adventure Haven alone, you prefer to play the couple's romantic adventure in pairs. Together you have to explore a broken planet, fight and experience the history of the two. Here is the Steam page.

Spiritfarer – the ferryman of the dead has never been painted so nicely

Spiritfarer is a management game that gives you the task of taking the souls of the dead to the afterlife by ferry. By collecting resources by fishing, building fields or operating mines, you can further upgrade your ship. There is also an atmospheric game with pretty, hand-painted graphics and a co-op mode. Here is the Steam page.

Heavenly Bodies – weightless and dangerous

As a cosmonaut on a space station, you have to find your way in weightlessness and basically you can only use your two arms and hands to grip, pull and push. With the physical properties that you and objects have in space, you are making your way through a space station, either alone or with another player. Currently the game can only be played with the controller. Here is the Steam page.

These are of course only three of over 40 games. Maybe you have a tip which demo is worth it? Write him in the comments.

Original message from March 18, 2020:

Since many gaming events have been postponed and canceled to slow the spread of the corona virus, online alternatives should still give players the opportunity to benefit from the planned announcements.

Via Twitter, the producer and moderator of gaming events Geoff Keighley announced the “Spring Edition” of the Steam Game Festival. This evening, on March 18, it should start at 6 p.m.

How exactly this online festival will look is not yet known. However, the announcement promises "Over 40 games you can play at home". The Steam Game Festival is to replace the unusual Game Developers Conference and show the games that should have been presented there.

Last year, the Steam Game Festival debuted with over a dozen demos, including the remake of System Shock and Moving Out.

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We won't find out what games you can test in the next few days until tonight. You will of course then find the highlights on our website. The video game industry defies the corona virus in its own way.