The Elder Scrolls Online is becoming increasingly popular, especially last year the number of players rose again noticeably be. Nevertheless, there are certainly one or two undecided MMORPG fans who have not visited Tamriel so far. If you belong to this group, we now have a treat for you!

From April 1st at 4:00 p.m. CEST, there will be the opportunity to try The Elder Scrolls Online on PC / Mac, Xbox One (requires Xbox Live Gold) and PlayStation 4 for almost two weeks (until April 13th) for free ( only on Steam the free trial period only runs until April 6th).

Of course, the time was not chosen at random. For a short time now you have been able to run the Prolog quest series for that on the live servers new chapters Greymoor play. You don't need to have the content extension pre-ordered. You can find out how to start the short order chain in the following article:

If you now think that the new chapter is certainly not worth it for a freshly created character: the opposite is the case! Like the previous chapters Morrowind, Summer set and Elsweyr Greymoor will also offer a good opportunity to get off to a fresh start in the TESO adventure – thanks to flexible level scaling and your own tutorial.

In addition, of course, you will not lose the progress made during the trial period as soon as the action passes. It is currently particularly worthwhile to plunge into the level phase, as from April 2nd the Anniversary event starts, which promises you 100 percent more experience, among other things.

To join the free trial, just visit the Free trial website and choose your platform. This event gives you access to the basic game of TESO (buy now for € 84.95) with its four classes, the 23 areas and the extensive main story around Fiesling Molag-Bal. If you have already played TESO as part of a previous rehearsal, you can easily continue your adventure back then. In addition, all new accounts for TESO will receive 500 crowns, which you can spend in the game's crown shop.

In parallel to the free trial, the developers offer the standard version of TESO and the Elsweyr package with the chapter from last year at a significantly lower price. The purchase of crown packages is also up to 40 percent cheaper in April. For more information about the discounts, it's best to look at the official TESO page past.

TESO: Greymoor – Descend into the Black Heart of Skyrim

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TESO: Greymoor – Descend into the Black Heart of Skyrim

Venture down into the Black Heart of Skyrim and defend Tamriel from a new, supernatural threat. Play the free prologue to "Greymoor" and experience the year-long adventure that started with "Harrowstorm" and will continue with the upcoming "Greymoor" chapter and beyond. Cooperate with Lyris Titanenkind and investigate the evil machinations of the Ice Cap Circle, revealing a deadly intrigue that threatens to destroy the home of the North. "The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor" will be released on May 18th for PC / Mac and June 2nd for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pre-purchase Greymoor now and get unique bonus rewards and instant access to the Breakwater War Horse as an in-game mount (digital only).

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