As you know, the beginning of June comes Blackwood, the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. The new adventure takes us into the dark forest and represents the first story highlight of the year-long story “Gates of Oblivion”.

Even if “Tore von Oblivion” tells a self-contained story, in the course of the adventure you will have to deal with characters and opponents who have already played a role elsewhere. In other words: If you want to have as much fun with Blackwood as possible, you should have some older content from TESO (buy now 59,95 € ) know.

In one freshly released special Zenimax has now introduced five adventures that you should play in preparation for Blackwood.

Save Auridon and first stop

Darkforest isn’t the only area of ​​Tamriel where Mehrunes Dagon’s henchmen are causing trouble. In fact, the last part of the Auridon storyline has its own load of cultists, portals, and daedra. The first stop on the north coast of the island is under siege and you must assist Queen Ayrenn’s agents (including a certain charming Khajiit) to defend the city and close the portals to the lands of the dead.

Auridon Island is part of the ESO base game. You can reach them via the Vulkhelwacht shrine. Find Guard Captain Astanya to start the area story from the beginning.

Dare to go to the city of ashes

Even more adventures around the dead lands await you in the two versions of the dungeon “City of Ashes”. In the City of Ashes I you have to enter the burned city of Whisper Grove and push back the invading Daedra. In the City of Ashes II, the plot continues with an expedition to the Land of the Dead, where you have to face a powerful Daedra who was at the center of the advance.

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Both versions of the “City of Ashes” dungeon are part of the TESO base game. You can reach them via the group search or directly via the entrance in Greenschatten.

Get to know Lyranth and Eveli

While both Lyranth and Eveli Scharfpfeil accompany you through the year-round adventure “Tore von Oblivion”, both characters also play a role in previous stories in TESO. Why don’t you get to know these two very different characters before you confront Mehrunes Dagon’s vassals together?

TESO: You already know Eveli Scharfpfeil from previous adventures.

TESO: You already know Eveli Scharfpfeil from previous adventures.

Quelle: Zenimax

You will meet Lyranth in the “Imperial City Prison” dungeon (free Imperial City DLC in the Crown Shop), in the area story of Shadowfen (basic game) and in the area story of Cold Harbor (basic game). Eveli awaits you in the Wrothgar area story (DLC game pack “Orsinium”). Both characters also need your help in the dungeons from Flames of Ambition – more on that below!

Discover the flames of ambition

Of course you can use the Verlies-DLC “Flames of Ambition” one of the best preludes for the “Gates of Oblivion” adventure. As a guide to the plot from the prologue to the chapter Blackwood and its narrative, the dungeons “The Cauldron” and “Black Dragon Villa” offer you challenges and a story that will eventually lead you and your group into the realm of oblivion itself.

TESO: & nbsp; Reveals a dagonist cult

TESO: Unveils a dagonist cult

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You get access to the DLC game pack “Flames of Ambition” by buying it with crowns in the in-game crown shop or by having an active membership in TESO Plus.

Complete the Blackwood prologue

TESO: & nbsp; Prepare to enter the lands of the dead

TESO: Prepare to enter the lands of the dead

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The plot of the prologue connects the events from the DLC “Flames of Ambition” with the upcoming chapter Blackwood. Here you have to help both Eveli Scharfpfeil and Lyranth investigate the machinations of a new Daedric cult. What you discover in these two quests will take you straight to The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood and will affect the rest of the “Gates of Oblivion” adventure!

The Blackwood Prologue is already available, Part of the base game, and the quickest way to find it is to go to the Quests section of the Crown Store.

TESO: All roads lead to the dead lands – gameplay trailer for Blackwood

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