You can play Zelda: Breath of the Wild as normal, but you don't have to. Streamers are always finding new ways to entertain their viewers. For example, PointCrow played through the game completely without running with a link.

Why he did it is not entirely clear, but it is a change. Instead of facing the dangers of Breath of the Wild normally, it did it YouTuber PointCrow to the task play through the whole game without running.

As you can imagine, items like the paraglider were a popular PointCrow tool, because it could cover long distances without trying to let Link tripple himself. Surrounded by four walls, however, this was no longer possible. Amusing to watch how he jumped almost exclusively around like a bouncy ball. The ultimate challenge, however, was to defeat Ganon. His weapons: Bounce, timing and lots and lots of patience.

Check out the stream for yourself:

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Zelda Record Time: Breath of the Wild – Devastated Ganon in a few seconds

If you storm Ganon unprepared for devastation at Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will experience a short fight with an undesirable effect – you will lose. But short doesn't always mean bad, as a Reddit user has proven. It took him eleven seconds to defeat the boss. We will explain his secret to you.

Boss fights can sometimes be pretty tough in games or just lengthy. From time to time, however, you can think of a strategy to make it easier for yourself. Defeated by a mix of equipment and skill Master t0rch said the Ganon devastation in an incredible 11 seconds.

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A mix of equipment and skills

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild there are numerous outfits available to players and he makes use of this selection. Master_t0rch's combat strategy begins with the equipment. He chooses that Grim deity set from Majora's maskto increase the outgoing damage. The whole thing is upgraded with a triple attack bonuswhich he presumably activated by a court. He chooses the bow Chimeric bow. This can shoot three or five arrows at the same time. By combining with Ancient arrows it will probably get the greatest possible damage.

However, good equipment is not enough – good timing was the key to success. After Master_t0rch has control over Link, he freezes the Ganon devastation using the Stasis rune on. Thanks to the skill Skew bounce he shoots himself up and slows down the time with his bow and arrows. After five shots, the devastation Ganon, whose life is already halved, is defeated and does not even have time to move on to his second phase. The Reddit user publishes the result in a short video:

Calamity Ganon in 11 seconds (+7 seconds of intro) from Breath_of_the_Wild

If you want to know how to cut life in half from the Ganon devastation and would like to know how to fight in the normal case, we recommend our guide.

How did you experience the fight? Have you ever had a similar boss fight experience? Let us know in the comments.