Player builds huge road and the community thanks him

At Konjima's new work, a building simulation has also been lost somewhere. The cooperative feature lets players help others build their way through rough terrain.

Of course, Death Stranding is first and foremost a single player game, but player groups still share a server. This variant of a shared world allows players for other server members to release their built structures or to build together on them,

A particularly large and also expensive road construction project comes from Reddit users ilya_boo, His road passes through a large part of the map and consists of 40 segments, It took a good 84,000 of materialsto finish his project.

Incidentally, you do not need a degree for the construction of roads, just this article:

In reddit he revealed that especially the part in the mountains took a lot of time, He farmed the necessary material through MULE or terrorist camps, which cost a lot of time. When asked what he has to do to build all these roads, his answer is: "Not as satisfaction."

Although only the players of his server have a use of the road, but the community celebrates ilya_boo as positive role model for all Death Stranding players,

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The fact that players support each other to make the world of Death Stranding more passable is a cutting-edge feature whose success is strong in the community. What are your experiences regarding cooperation with other players?