Breath of the Willd is over four years old, but that doesn’t stop players from finding new ways to keep the open-world adventure fresh. Reddit user eman101101 seems to see it similarly and wanted to do a little sport on the side.

So he grabbed his Ring Fit Adventure controller and jogged through Hyrule for 28 hours until he spanked Ganon in a sporty way. On Reddit he shared some of his highlights and revealed that despite the intense activity, he has unfortunately not lost any weight.

Breath of the Wild instead of the gym

Even so, a visit to Hyrule for sport is sure to be good exercise for the body. So if you want to save yourself a trip to the gym, you should dig out your Ring Fit controller. Visiting Breath of the Wild with it seems only partially worthwhile. User eman101101 shared namely the videothat he used as a guide for his strange trip and the set-up required there is anything but cheap.

The video is from SuperLouis64who has already tried all sorts of controller gimmicks on his channel and has also played Demon’s Souls with the Donkey Kong bongo drums, for example. One comes from him too corresponding mod for the use of the Ring Fit controller in Breath of the Wild, which eman101101 also used.

How it all works in action is as frustrating as it is awesome. If you run on the spot, you can move Link with the analog stick. Squats bring you to the main menu or inventory. It will be exhausting in any case and as eman101101 shows on Reddit, unfortunately not everything always goes according to plan.

Nevertheless, he should have had fun and his trip was definitely entertaining. As already mentioned, doing the whole thing at home is quite expensive, even if you already have the Ring Fit equipment. So maybe you would rather play the sports game again if you feel like moving. Or go out right away? Nonsense.

Those: eman101101 on Reddit

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