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Player falls into amazing parallel universe

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You can experience very strange things in GTA Online. The community is currently puzzling over a Reddit user who has entered a strange world below the GTA Online map with his parachute.

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UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot – you think you've seen it all in GTA Online? And what about the world below the map of GTA Online out? Again and again players or modders fall through the ground and enter this strange anti-world. Reddit users too curdyourenthusiasm has been there recently and has brought back amazing video footage. "What my pc sees before it crashes“He describes his clip in GTA Online.

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Dozens of planes fall down in GTA Online as the player descends lower and lower with his parachute – what a disturbing picture! The fans in the comments section suspect this is a Modders had his fingers in the game. Others assume a technical error. Whatever it is, this scene could have been taken from the film without any problems Inception can originate.

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A player enters a strange parallel world in GTA Online where it rains planes. There are many stories that take place in GTA Online. From immortal hackers to people trying to traverse the entire GTA Online map alive on foot – seven years after its release, the GTA Online universe doesn't seem to be over!

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