Player from England is saved by a teammate from Texas – current game

of Dominik Zwingmann
A player from the USA became a lifesaver for her teammate from England after she called 911 as soon as possible. Aidan from England has a seizure in his room. Dia recognized this because he suddenly stopped answering in online chat. The parents did not notice the incident either.

A few days ago, a player from the United States became the savior for her online friend and teammate from England. While the two were playing together, Aidan Jackson (17) from England said that he would go to bed for a while because he felt a little strange. The microphone was turned so that he could still speak to Dia Lethora (20) from Texas. After a while, however, Aidan was no longer heard, and Dia reacted quickly.

She called the emergency services in Chesire because she was already afraid of an attack on her boyfriend. Because Dia luckily knew Aidan's address, the emergency services made their way to the house as soon as possible. Once there, the parents were astonished by the arrival of the emergency doctors. Shortly afterwards, the forces actually found the boy in his room with a seizure. Meanwhile, Aidan is doing well again and he thanks his online friend from Texas several times a day who reacted so quickly.

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