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For the first time in World of Warcraft history, a group of players on the US server Frostmourne managed to complete a Mythic + dungeon with keystone level 34 within the time limit.

The current Mytisch + season is slowly coming to an end with the release of Shadowlands. But that doesn't prevent WoW players from properly drawing on the full potential beforehand: Like the editorial team of Wowhead reported, a group of players from the US server Frostmourne managed to complete a Mythic + dungeon with Keystone level 34 within the time limit for the first time.

Players buttoned up the Operation Mechagon dungeon and finished their run with one minute and 34.325 seconds on the clock. The group consisted of a Brewmaster Monk, an Affliction Warlock, a Frost Mage, an Outlaw villain, and a Holy Paladin. You can find the full composition of the group including equipment, talents and Azerite powers on the website.

The players made use of the pre-patch boost of the Azerite trait Heart of Darkness and the jewel Highborne Compendium of Storms to gain the decisive advantage. The group also benefited from the fact that the developers nerfed some affixes for Mythic + Dungeons with the pre-patch for Shadowlands: The currently active debuff Burst can be banned and from level 15+ no longer scales with the level of the keystone.

The world's first completion of a Mythic + dungeon at level 34 is a remarkable achievement, but the editors of Wow believe (buy now 15.00 € ) head that given the nerfs of patch 9.0.1, we'll see even higher deals ahead of the Shadowlands release. What do you all mean? Do you think there is still something going on? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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