Player is surprised with PS5, which he actually didn't want yet

A player now presents on Reddit how you can get a PS5 in the most unusual way. Actually, he didn't want a console at all, now he's getting one.

PlayStation 5

Through chips to the PlayStation 5

In the current pre-order phase, all console players are fighting for a coveted PlayStation 5. A Reddit user with the great name 177cm actually wanted to take it easy and wait until next year to get a PS5. However, now these plans are dated happiness been thwarted. But this should certainly not bother him, as he proudly presents in his post:

On the pictures you can see that he is freshly baked PS5 winner is a competition organized by Doritos and Sony. The code contained in his Doritos box led him straight to the main prize of the promotion.

Reddit celebrates its PS5 win

The post received great approval within the PS5 Reddit community and many of the users congratulate him cordial. Some joke and speculate about which one Version of the PS5 he could get from Doritos. Like an orange design? Or orange colored fingerprints on the buttons of the controller?

When asked how many bags of chips it would have taken, 177cm replied that he was only four of the bags valid for the competition bought. Another user commented that he has been eating Doritos all his life and that it would be all he would have ever gained body fat.

A helpful user reminds him of his Proof of purchase to be submitted so that he can also receive the coveted PS5. A really useful piece of information, because it was only because of this memory that he dug out the receipt for his Doritos package. The PS5 believed to have been won almost disappeared.

However, the UK-based winner will also win by PlayStation 5 release on November 19th have to be patient, then he will receive his won copy. If you are still looking for a PS5, you are welcome to keep an eye on our pre-order article, as we will inform you about all the news about the pre-sale of the PS5.

The PS5 raffle with Doritos is an example of successful advertising in the gaming sector. In this photo gallery you can see the weirdest video game ads of the past:

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If you should hope to get a PS5 with the help of Doritos chips, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you. The competition is only available in selected European countries and Germany is not included.

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