from Sara Petzold
A WoW player left his Mythic + dungeon group a good seven minutes before the time limit expired, even though the group would have completed the dungeon within the limit. The reason for his behavior was, shall we say, very idiosyncratic.

Over the years the WoW community has grown into a colorful bunch of casuals, "normal" fans and veterans as well as hardcore gamers and professionals. It can hardly be avoided that problems sometimes arise when these groups meet. But some hardcore gamers sometimes exaggerate their optimization mania at the expense of their fellow players – like a member of the Mythic + group of reddit user Hogrim.

Hogrim reports on reddit that he was traveling with his group in the Mythic + dungeon Peaks of Ascent with keystone level +13 when the magician suddenly decides to leave the group seven minutes before the time limit expires – apparently in the middle of the fight without Advance warning, which resulted in a group wipe. That would be impolite, but not unusual if it had been foreseeable that the dungeon would no longer have been lockable within the time limit. But that wasn't exactly the case because, according to Hogrim, the group would have made the dungeon within the limit.

The mage then also provided a very strange reason for leaving the group: The time the group would have completed the dungeon was not enough to increase his score on Raider.IO. The seven minutes of his life were probably too good for him to bring the previous 30 minutes of the run to a satisfactory conclusion for the whole group.

In any case, the reddit community reacted sourly to the magician's behavior. Some describe his behavior as just plain stupid, while others call for action like a blacklist. What do you think about that? Write us your opinion in the comments!

Source: reddit (via Icy-Veins)

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