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A WoW player leveled his character to level 60 in the ultimate Ironman mode: He did not choose a specialization, only wore the white starting equipment and did not die once.

The Ironman Challenge, in which WoW players level a character to the current maximum level under difficult conditions, has long been popular among hardcore fans of Blizzard’s online role-playing game. After a player recently earned the respect of the WoW community for bringing a death knight to level 60 without choosing a specialization, the reddit user WoW_Majlu ​​takes it to the extreme – and leveled without specialization, only with the white starting equipment and without to die even once.

The ultimate Ironman in 2 days, 3 hours and 53 minutes

As the player writes on reddit, he only leveled his night elf mage by killing enemies and completing quests. He renounced any experience points that he could have gained through professions, group activities (dungeons) or pet fights. He describes how difficult the whole undertaking was as follows:
The first 25 levels were easy. It got difficult when I had three damage spells but didn’t do any more damage … For example, the mobs had 3k health and your Frostbolt did 80 damage. And it gets worse with every level you go up. So yeah, it was difficult without equipment. You can try it out yourself if you want?

Who is the armory stats from WoW (buy now 14,99 €) _Majlu’s character Lujma or looking at the screenshot published on reddit, learns how long the player needed for his extreme level: namely two days, three hours and 53 minutes. If you want to try out this ultimate WoW Ironman yourself, you should definitely bring plenty of time.

Those: reddit (via Icy-Veins)

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