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The Japanese player WinX24 plays Final Fantasy 14 with over 24 accounts at the same time. As if this weren't yet unusual enough, he worked out at least one job at level 80 with every account and took care of the heaviest content in the game.

The Japanese Player WinX24 is on the worlds Alexander and Anima on the road and has a very special passion for Final Fantasy 14: He has no fewer than 24 accounts, all of which he actively plays and looks after. So he played at least one job up to level 80 with each of these accounts and played the heaviest content in the game (the ultimate fights against Bahamut, Alexander and Ultima weapon) completed. In order to maintain an overview, WinX24 has set up a special gaming setup in which monitors and input devices are arranged in a semicircle.

Final Fantasy 14: This is what real devotion looks like - 24 accounts at the same time (2)

Final Fantasy 14: This is what real devotion looks like – 24 accounts at the same time (2)

Source: WinX24 / Twitter

In a video, WinX24 demonstrates how it controls 20 of its characters at the same time and thereby works on the content Eureka Pagos tries. He uses a combination of macros and the consequencesCommand to keep control of the entire group. Of course, this is not possible in heavier content, which is why he always only plays one of the characters here.

In addition to spending time, WinX24 has already invested a lot of money in his hobby. According to his own statement, the subscription costs alone add up to 40,000 yen per month (about 318 euros). In addition, there are the expenses for the game versions as well as various items from the Square Enix store. The carbuncle mounts visible in the video are usually sent to all characters on an account when they are purchased – something that WinX24 unfortunately cannot benefit from.

Of course we are also looking forward to your opinion. What do you think of the idea of ​​Final Fantasy 14 (buy now) playing with so many accounts? Have you ever thought of the possibility yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Source: My MMO

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