from Sebastian Glanzer
Imagine earning PvP rank 14 in WoW Classic. Pretty time consuming, isn't it? What if we tell you that there are players who are already on their third. Rank 14 character sitting? These players really do exist.

The rank 14 grind in WoW Classic is long and painful. On particularly competitive servers, players realistically have to collect honor for 14 hours or more a day in order to have a chance of winning the coveted title of Chief Warlord (Horde) or Grand Marshal (Alliance) and the weapons associated with it. Once you arrive at your destination, you can keep your weapons and the rest of your equipment forever.

What is an unimaginable undertaking for some has already been done for the second time. For example Nuja from the EU server Gandling, who proudly announced in the official subreddit of WoW Classicthat he was the first player in the world to achieve rank 14 with two characters. Far from it, because without having to boast about it, we already have made several players in front of himto achieve this time consuming goal. The next goal of these players, who seem to have achieved everything in classic PvP, is the next rank 14 grind. On reddit Nuja got ridicule for it.

WoW Classic: The Rise of the Blood God – Trailer for Zul'Gurub

Because not only that he made this "nolifer" success twice, no, it was obviously not a "World First" either. Admittedly, 14th place is still a very respectable success for us, and at first we would not have thought it possible for players to have made this effort twice. Let's just hope that everything was really right and there were no bots involved.

And what PvP rank do you have in WoW (buy now for € 32.95) Classic reached then or today? Or have you never started this project? Write to us in the comments.

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