For the first time, a Fortnite player has managed to reach level 1,000 in the Battle Royale shooter within a single season. And that one month before Season 8 of Fortnite ends. YouTuber Rages Revenge recently celebrated his success in a livestream.

There seems to be no XP limit in the game. Accordingly, another two million XP are now required to crack level 1.001. How much time the YouTuber has invested in Fortnite in the past few weeks is not known. However, it should be many hours of play in the battle royale shooter.

Higher XP rewards for leveling up Fortnite faster

Last month, Epic Games improved the XP rewards for selected challenges with a hotfix. In detail, it was about the repeatable party quests, the rewards of which were increased fivefold. It is possible that this bonus XP made a big contribution to the YouTuber’s milestone in Fortnite (buy now ) have done.

Epic Games also hosted that “Turbo Level Up” weekend where players received a massive XP boost over three days. The YouTuber, who reached level 1,000 during the event period, clearly benefited from this as well. Incidentally, Rages Revenge received the last necessary experience points for the ascent by opening an ammunition box. You can watch the moment at 14:26 minutes in the video below.

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