Unfortunately, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Camper somehow belong together and we also meet them in the Battle Royale branch Warzone. In Reddit, a player shows us his method of dealing with the entrenched players.

Call of Duty: Warzone's player numbers have been going through the roof since the release two weeks ago. As in every Battle Royale, campers try to win the rounds and are often an annoying problem for other players. They are ambushed with mines and claymores and are just waiting for players to fall into their trap.

Reddit user top_tier_lolicon has met such a group of campers, thanks to the Perks Spotter, he noticed the trap in time and simply turned the tables. Three opponents had been hiding on a roof, the door prepared with three claymores and a mine. top_tier_lolicon hacked all four explosive devices from the stairwell and then made a lot of noise. The campers wanted to see what the shots and the shattering glass were all about and were caught by their own claymores. GG!

Go bazoombala ba-ba-bazoo bam bam-boo, fool 'em! Oh wait wrong battle royale from r / COD war zone

CoD: Warzone: tactics from other games

Camping is anything but creative and there are far more elegant tactics to assert yourself in Warzone. Other games such as Battlefield provide inspiration. There are vehicles, there are C4s with remote triggers, some should know what is coming:

C4 Jeep coming right up from r / COD war zone

Also somewhat nasty, but funny to look at, are helicopters equipped with C4:

After being chased I ditched my helicopter and planted C4, they took the bait … from r / COD war zone

Since the game has only recently become available, we are sure to find even more creative tactics to be successful in CoD: Warzone – or at least to create fun Reddit posts.

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What do you think of Call of Duty: Warzone so far? Where do you see the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the Battle Royale title? Are you tired of tactics like C4 on the vehicle and do you think it's good to be creative in the game? Let us know in the comments.