In GTA Online you will experience many stories, defeats and victories. And sometimes you're lucky enough to make special friends in GTA Online. One of these stories is particularly touching the community.

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GTA Online: When Gangsters Grow Up

GTA Online is full of players and therefore full of stories. Many started from scratch in GTA Online and fought their way up to gang bosses over the years. And made many friends in the process. Reddit users too Menno99 has such friends in the multiplayer game with whom he was in 2016 took a picture. Four years later he repeats the photo – and stands alone. The community is touched by the two snapshots he posted on Reddit. Many other fans also know the phenomenon that no gang of gangsters lasts forever. Not even in GTA Online.

We talked to Menno99 about the story behind these two images. "About six years ago, my best friend at school talked me into buying an Xbox to play with. Aside from handheld consoles, I had no other gaming experience, so it was the step to an Xbox very big, but very good from the start“, Tells us the 20-year-old from the Netherlands. "(As) my friend started playing GTA Online, he already had some friends in the game so I just rolled along."

"The first picture was takenbecause me and my friends (in real life and in play) were very into dirt bikes and the walk to the top of the mountain was a beautiful walk. And at the end of the street there was a nice place to take a picture“, Says Menno99. "At the end of high school (2016) everyone started to go to college and get on with lifeso that there was no real goodbye. "

"I still casually play GTA Online to get back to what I had with these guys. The bikes and cars also get me a good old nostalgia trip. It's sad to see a group fall apart like this, but it always happens. I still really enjoy playing the game and I hope to meet the group one day."

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