There are games that are really fun with several people – but what if the corresponding contacts are missing? A new website now provides gamer girls that you can rent for a certain amount. For gaming, if there were any ambiguities.

A lot of pout, stylish girls and filters on a lot can be found on a new page, where you can rent gamer girls so that they can play with you. There are a total of 18 games to choose from, which will eject suitable and predominantly female players for you as required. The prices depend on the respective person and are clearly marked.

Was created by Brian Yiong, a 25-year-old student who developed a special love for League of Legends. However, it was too boring for him alone and a solution was needed – the start of a very unusual website.

"It's hard for me to find people to play with. They play games with you, listen to your problems. It's like therapy, ”he says in an article on the site wired.

Let's see what else comes with it in 2020:

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Already known worldwide

The website has spread like wildfire, and also opens up completely new possibilities for streamers. Twitch streamer Tfue, for example, hired a few girls for a round of Fortnite and tested the whole thing once. It seems like he had a lot of fun doing it especially when he made the gamer know he was a ninja.

What do you say about the site? Do you think that's a good thing for people who have a hard time getting to know people? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.