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In Guild Wars 2 we're getting extra loot for mastering fractals this week, but the update also brought some fantastic convenience features into play that weren't even mentioned by the developers.

From September 29th to October 6th, a visit to the instances "Fractals of the Mists" in Guild Wars 2 is particularly worthwhile, as the week-long fractal rush rewards adventurers with extra loot. In addition, all players contribute to the great community goal, that attracts with great prices. But in the update from September 29th there are small changes that make some players almost forget the fractal rush. Because these small features represent great convenience functions.

Great GW2 update for trading posts and inventory

In the official Fractal Rush patch notes In addition to the information about the fractal rush you will also find a new feature for the trading post: Favorites! While browsing the countless items that other players are selling, you can put a heart next to an offer of your choice. So you can always find it in the Favorites tab without having to search for it directly. This is fantastic, for example, to be able to order certain buff food again and again or to find frequently used crafting ingredients (e.g. ectoplasm) quickly.

"The game just gets a little better with every patch.", writes DemethValknut, for example in the GW2 subreddit. 2B2tps explains a good application: "Good feature! I'll make every meta buff food and supply a favorite so I don't forget!" And user Kfct simply writes: "Holy shit, this is quality content."

In the new favorites overview of the trading post in GW2 you can save up to 25 items, which you can then quickly find again.

In the new favorites overview of the trading post in GW2 you can save up to 25 items, which you can then quickly find again.

Source: Buffed

Do you also have to deal with item explosions? So the opening of a lot of gear bags in GW2, which can quickly push your inventory to the limit? Then you can look forward to another convenience function: "Overflow" items, i.e. items that no longer fit in the inventory, move up immediately when you store materials. That saves you annoying clicking.

Good luck with your fractals!

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