Players demand ban on spy addon

Heieiei – since the start of Phase 2 for WoW (buy now for 17.26 €) Classic is a hot topic on Reddit and the official WoW forums. No, not just about the frustrating open-world beating on most PvP serversbut also called a WoW addon Spy Classic,

The modification scans your combat log for enemy character actions and tells you when enemies are around you. In addition, you learn details such as the class, the people or the level of the character. The data ends up in a list and can also be forwarded to group and raid members who also use Spy Classic.

Since the start of the system of honor a lot of players in PvP battles in the open world plunge, the addon enjoys some popularity (718,319 downloads). At the same time, however, new threads are springing up every day on Reddit or in the official WoW forum, in which there are heated discussions about the Addon Spy Classic (Reddit example 1. Reddit example 2. Forum example 1. Forum example 2).

For many players, modifying enemy characters has such a big advantage in PvP that they think it should be banned. Ambushes or deliberate hiding are no longer possible. One can locate healers in a focused manner and focus on life. Most of them would suffer from the players of the lower-income faction, who have even fewer opportunities to avoid the hunting mob.

Other PvP enthusiasts, in turn, argue that there were add-ons with these features even before Phase 2, and even during Vanilla-WoW. In addition, the critics would spread a lot of misinformation about the addon, such as getting coordinates via stealth units (which is not the case, you do not learn about stealthy villains or druids in the vicinity until they perform an action that appears in the combat log, and then you do not know where exactly they are). The bottom line would be the addon inform the user only about already apparent information in the combat log targeted.

So far, Blizzard has not commented on the subject, so we want to know from you: how do you see that? Does Spy Addon for PvP in Classic offer a great advantage or is the value of the mod simply overestimated by many players? Should the program be banned or would the developers go too far? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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