The time loops in Returnal are a temporary anomaly, factual discussions are an anomaly of the internet and now both are coming together!


On April 30, 2021, the PS5-exclusive Returnal was released Third-Person-Shooter and a representative of the Roguelike-Genreswho takes the core feature of this type of game all too seriously. If you die in Returnal, you’ll start over and pretty much lose everything you have collected in weapons and equipment. “From the front” is to be taken literally at Returnal, because when the protagonist Selene dies, she wakes up every time at the beginning of the game.

Returnal - PlayStation 5

Returnal – PlayStation 5

No saving, no checkpoints

Except for database entries and some special equipment, you don’t take anything with you to start with after your death. Manual saving or checkpoints are almost never to be found in roguelikes and if so, then only very sparsely usable. Also belong to the genre high level of difficulty and few explanations to the game’s gameplay mechanics. This also applies to Returnal and poses a problem for many players.

A Reddit thread addresses this issue Surprisingly factually themed. The users discuss the pros and cons of the missing storage option, put forward conclusive arguments and even understand the opposing position.

The opponents of the storage option for Returnal argue that it means that the basic gameplay would be softened too much. Returnal is about the challenge of mastering the game without saving and through perseverance. The reasons for a certain form of memory points can also be understood by the critics. These do not want manual storage, but a possibility to “pause” the game.

Time to enjoy the game

How long a run of Returnal (called a cycle in the game) lasts depends to a certain extent on the player and his or her abilities. However, players who only have a limited number of hours available for their hobby have the problem, Having to cancel cycles. If you simply run out of time after two hours, you may have to start over, and not because Selene got caught.

Reading tip

Christopher Bahner

The PS5 offers the option of being put into sleep mode so that players can resume their game at a later point in time, but this is difficult if, for example, several people in a household share the PS5 and someone may not use the console for days want to leave. In the event of a crash Incidentally, progress is also lost.

In short: Returnal is for Players with limited game time not particularly user-friendly and, as some in the Reddit thread note, is a reason against a purchase decision. In order for the core feature not to become obsolete, however, the players have a solution. A single storage spacethat can only be used when exiting the game.

Developer Housemarque even shared the Reddit post on Twitter and assured that they “hear and love the whole community”. The studio has not yet made an announcement, but the statement suggests that Housemarque would like to find a solution for both casual and hardcore players.