We like the ergonomics of the controller. The Wrist rest let yourself adjust at the push of a button and together with the textured surface it ensures sufficient comfort when gaming. Furthermore, both mouse and keyboard have mechanical keys. The latter can be removed if necessary, which makes cleaning easy.

The built-in switches are Kailh switches, a cheap replica based on the famous Cherry template. In the case of the Hori, however, it does not seem to be a commercially available Kailh variant, especially since we feel the keys as a whole little tactile feedback have offered. When it comes to mechanical switches, every player has different preferences. Ideally, you should try the keyboard beforehand.

We have more worries Coating of the keys prepares. Even after unpacking, it sometimes looked as if it could be intensified Long-term use don't stand up. In the worst case, the coating would detach from the keys, which not only looks ugly, but could also have a negative impact on the comfort when playing. Fortunately, that didn't happen during our test.

What would a keyboard be without the right mouse? The model supplied here has two additional side buttons and two other buttons on the top, with which the Adjust the DPI value leaves. The optical sensor has 3,200 DPI maximum, which should normally be more than sufficient.

Hori TAC Pro M2: Make the controller as you like it

The Hori TAC Pro M2 is compatible with the PS4, PS3 and PC. There is also the possibility up to eight different profiles to create. Each of the profiles remembers important settings such as the sensitivity of the mouse or individual key assignments. On LED indicator below the share button will then light up in the corresponding color to indicate which profile is currently active.

Basically, there is hardly anything that cannot be adjusted individually with the Hori. Each key can be individually assigned. In addition, the DPI values as well as the acceleration adjust the mouse according to your preferences. Self Deadzones, the tolerance with which the mouse actually moves, you can set as needed. If you don't like the included mouse, everyone can instead other HID compliant mouse be connected.

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In addition to the usual buttons that can also be found on the DualShock 4, the Hori controller also has several additional buttons. Among them, for example Snipe button, which reduces the DPI of the mouse to provide more precision when aiming. The so-called Quick button then does exactly the opposite and increases the sensitivity for a short time.

Hori TAC Pro M2: app developers, we have to talk

With the app belonging to the Hori TAC Pro M2 you should infinite number of customization options be offered. The app is quickly installed on the smartphone, but both Bluetooth and the location notification must be activated in order for the controller to be recognized. A firmware update will then start later.

And sobering up sets in. The first question we ask ourselves: "Did they just use the Google translator?" That too confusing designed UI we noticed negatively. How are we supposed to find our way here? Fortunately, the language can be changed to English, but it doesn't really solve the problem. Overall, the app looks as if it had been cobbled together in a very short time.

The app nevertheless provides a solid foundation: there are more settings than we would like, and moreover, you can preconfigured profiles for many popular shooters can be downloaded directly. If Hori builds on this basis and works hard again on the design and above all on the translation of the app, it could certainly become the perfect companion for the TAC Pro M2.

Who is the Hori TAC Pro M2 controller for?

The keyboard-mouse combination for the console is particularly suitable for gamers who play and shoot primarily maximum precision are out. In the past, such controllers unfortunately had one bad reputation to fight. Compared to conventional gamepads, one could theoretically have had an unfair advantage on consoles with a keyboard and mouse. In well-known games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this problem has now been solved by clever matchmaking. So who can access the Hori TAC Pro M2?

  • First of all, everyone who is not deterred by the price of almost 150 euros and the mediocre app.
  • For players who mainly play shooters or action games.
  • For people who would prefer a keyboard and mouse to the controller at any time.

If you are not one of these types of players, such an expensive purchase is probably worth less. If you are still interested in using the keyboard and mouse, we have another one cheaper alternative. Everyone else is with theirs DualShock 4 or a comparable controller is still well served.

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Inexpensive alternative: The Hori TAC Four Controller

With an MSRP of around 150 euros, most of you will probably think very carefully before buying the Hori TAC Pro M2 controller. Fortunately, with that Hori TAC Four a cheap alternative. This is also a keyboard-mouse combination, but this only works about 86 euros to book. Still a proud price, but significantly less than for the Pro version.

The biggest differences are in the more compact shape and the No mechanical buttons as well as the ergonomic addition. In terms of functionality, the TAC Four has just as many options for individual adaptation including the app. The mouse is the same as the bigger brother. Suitable offers of the cheaper variant can be found, for example, at MediaMarkt.

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