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The "State of Online Gaming 2020" report contains interesting findings on the topic of games. The information revolves around the use of mobile games, cloud services, esport as a job and general seasons as well as binge sessions.

If you don't go to parties, the gym or the restaurant because of Corona in the evening, you may end up with a lot more time in front of the computer. Suddenly shorter game sessions suddenly become a longer affair. But apparently this trend has been around for a long time. Because the "State of Online Gaming 2020" report reveals that gamers are now on average even longer playing games. Accordingly, the playing time amounts to an impressive four hours and 36 minutes without interruption!

Important: The results of the report are based on the responses of 4,500 respondents from France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Great Britain and the USA.

Japanese and Germans lead binge sessions in gaming

This mainly affects younger people aged 18-25. In this regard, they even manage an average of six hours 34 minutes. While the Japanese are in first place with five and a half hour long gaming sessions, Germans are in second place – with about five hours. Eight percent of the German gamers surveyed allegedly gambled for more than 15 hours at a time.

Online games like League of Legends captivate millions of gamers.

Online games like League of Legends captivate millions of gamers.

Source: Riot Games

But while players seem to be playing longer without a break, the total playing time per week has decreased slightly to six hours and 20 minutes per week.

Half of the gamers have already given up sleep for gaming

According to the study, 55 percent of the players surveyed around the world have previously given up sleep in order to be able to play more in return. In the case of Germans, only 49 percent of those surveyed said so. Younger gamers even go so far as to say that they have slipped to play on regular meals and showers – 39 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

Hardly any player is satisfied with download times

With a remarkable share of 87 percent of those surveyed worldwide, hardcore gamers (even classified as such) named download times as the reason for frustration in games. In India, 94 percent of players said they were frustrated with the download process.

Game streaming service is becoming more popular – price is stopping players

The idea of ​​not having to install a game and not needing a strong console / PC for gaming is becoming increasingly popular. On a global average, around 56 percent say that they would subscribe to Stadia & Co if it was available from them. The price is an important factor for the no-brainer – 57 percent cite excessive costs as the reason for not buying such a service.

You can find all information in the report itself: State of Gaming 2020

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