The PS5 is in great demand, but has unfortunately been completely sold out for months and so far there is no improvement in the situation in sight. After all, there are some retailers who offer the NextGen console in so-called tariff bundles. Yello is now joining in as an electricity provider and is offering the PlayStation 5 in the disc edition as a bonus.

PS5 at Yello with green electricity or gas tariff on offer

If you want to get hold of a PS5 console at the moment, you have to resort to unconventional methods, because the Sony console is still sold out everywhere (check the current availability here). If you don’t want to wait any longer, the following offer may be of interest: The energy provider Yello is currently offering the PlayStation 5 (Disc Edition) including 1 year of PlayStation Plus as a bonus at the electricity or gas tariff. For one one-time additional payment of 189 euros For the NextGen console plus subscription you get 100 percent green electricity from Europe at Yello.

PS5 bundle at Yello: tariff details at a glance

Yello is an electricity provider from Germany that has existed since 1999. All green electricity tariffs are TÜV-certified and are generated from 100 percent renewable energies. It is best to check for yourself whether a change from your current provider is worthwhile: After you have received the PlayStation 5 If you have selected your preferred device, you can enter your zip code and your personal electricity consumption and then compare tariffs.

Tariff details:

  • 24 month price guarantee: The electricity price remains unchanged for at least 24 months
  • 18 Mo­nate Min­dest­ver­trags­lauf­zeit
  • 100 percent green electricity from Europe
  • Simple overview of your own consumption using the “kWhapp” energy check app
  • Sony PlayStation 5 incl. 1 year PlayStation Plus subscription for 189 euros as a bonus at the electricity or gas tariff

PS5 at Yello: What do I have to consider when changing electricity provider?

Changing electricity providers is easier than you might think. Conveniently, Yello even offers to terminate the contract with the old provider in your place. All you have to do is tick the box when booking the tariff and specify until when Yello should terminate the old electricity provider – without any unnecessary paperwork. If you don’t know exactly how long your current contract will last, you can simply indicate that Yello should terminate as soon as possible.

On the positive side, according to Yello, you don’t have to wait until your old electricity tariff has actually been canceled to hold the PlayStation 5 in your hands. After they cancel for you, you have your contract confirmation and the one-time payment of 189 euros has been paid, Yello gives a delivery time of 4 weeks from the conclusion of the new tariff for the PS5.

PlayStation 5 at Yello: is the offer worth it?

Unfortunately, we cannot calculate exactly whether a switch to Yello is worthwhile for you, as various factors such as the state, household size and your own electricity consumption play an important role. However, we can say that Yello is not one of the cheapest electricity providers, but it is also not one of the most expensive. With their green electricity offer, they are in the middle of the range in terms of price. The biggest advantage here is, of course, that you have the Sony PlayStation 5 Disc-Edition (RRP 499 euros) and a Annual PlayStation Plus subscription (RRP 59.99 euros) for a cheap one-time payment of 189 Euro gets to it. So if you have been planning to switch your provider or to 100 percent green electricity for a long time, it could be worthwhile to compare the prices at Yello with your current payments.

If you are satisfied with your electricity provider and prefer one Mobile phone tariff including PlayStation 5 or a new one DSL tariff including PS5 is looking for, the two deals from Mobilcom-Debitel or 1 & 1 could be interesting for you.