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Those who have not been able to pre-order a Playstation 5 so far will have to be patient over the next few weeks and months. Apparently there will be no new quotas for online retailers in the foreseeable future. In addition, it currently looks like the trade will not sell any Playstation 5 consoles at the launch either.

You have surely noticed: the previous one Pre-order phase for the Playstation 5 was a bad joke. The "highlights read as follows:

  • Although Sony had promised in advance to announce the pre-order phase for the new console in good time and to provide sufficient contingents, exactly the opposite happened: the pre-orders started earlier than announced and after a few minutes all consoles were sold out.
  • In fact, some retailers waved more pre-orders through at first than there were consoles. The result: pre-orders that had already been confirmed were subsequently canceled – sometimes without informing the customers properly or apologizing for them.
  • It didn't look any better for the second round of pre-orders: the allotments were sold out in no time. Later, numerous pre-orderers were informed more or less directly that their pre-order had to be canceled.

Anyone who has not received anything so far and is now hoping for the next round of pre-orders or even the launch day should obviously not have too high hopes. The people in charge at Amazon recently informed customers interested in the Playstation 5 that further pre-orders "will no longer be possible in the foreseeable future".

Furthermore, Sony is said to have instructed brick-and-mortar retailers not to accept pre-orders from walk-in customers for the launch on November 19 or to put customers on a waiting list. Due to the corona pandemic, they want to avoid a run on the stores and sell the console primarily via online sales.

As soon as there is news in this regard, we will of course keep you up to date.

Source: Games economy, PC Games

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