The Playstation 5 will be launched on November 19, 2020, the Xbox Series X will be in stores on November 10, 2020 and the new graphics card from Nvidia – the RTX 3080 and the RTX 3090 – is practically sold out. So much fuss about a little plastic and metal. So much fuss about the most interesting devices that a passionate gamer actually wants to have in the closet right away. Yes, I admit, this also applies to me. On November 19, 2020 I would like to have a Playstation 5 next to my television, but that won't happen because the first pre-order quotas were gone within minutes. I just slept. But orders that have gone through are currently being canceled in confusing quantities anyway because retailers have accepted more of them than they can actually send to hardware once it is there. I hope you are not affected by this.

I also wonder whether it is even worthwhile for me to participate in this hype. My PC is such a crutch that it doesn't need a great graphics card. The Xbox Series X doesn't really interest me. And the games that were released during the Playstation 5 (buy now ) appear don't knock me off my feet either. I can't do that much with Spider-Man, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed or Fortnite don't give a damn. The remastered Demon's Souls is appealing, but for me that's not something I need a PS5 for right away. So can I sit back and watch the future buyers tear each other apart until November?

Najaaaaaaaaa …

Of course, I also set an Amazon alert for the Playstation 5. And I'm wondering whether I should at least order the peripherals one day. After all, there is one on Amazon Controller for the Playstation 5 (for 69.99 euros) to pre-order and sometimes the Remote control for the PS5. I didn't just buy one controller for my PS4, I bought three because the others just failed. And if there's one thing I'm happy about, it's the option to watch Blu-rays without having to constantly fiddle with the controller. HD camera (for 64.99 euros), Headset (currently not available for pre-order) and Charging station (currently not available for pre-order)? Free … And then there are of course those Playstation 5 and the Playstation 5 Digital Editionwhich unfortunately are permanently sold out at Amazon. Just like at Saturn, Media Markt, Otto etc pp. Sigh.

In the Xbox Series S By the way, it looks better, because this console for beginners can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon for 299.99 euros. In terms of technology, however, it doesn't have that much on its chest. Real consoleros want prefer the Xbox Series X who in turn … you guessed it … is not available. But if you ever want to take precautions, then at least you can Xbox Series X controller in blue, black or white for 59.99 euros each. By the way, you can use the tabs to switch between the colors. That too Play and Charge Kit You can at least pre-order for 22.99 euros.

With all of the graphics cards of the 3000 series from Nvidia, it is difficult to keep an overview due to the different boosts and clock speeds – at least for laypeople like me. To be honest, just take a look at these Availability overview from Nvidiaif you already know what exactly you want. And if you don't know that yet, ours will help you Colleagues from the PCGH continue to decide on a graphics card.

What I wonder about after all the affiliate links (PS: Thanks, if you click on it!): Are you also someone who prefers to have a not entirely inexpensive piece of hardware from the very beginning? Or is it completely okay to only strike when a game appears that is worth buying the appropriate hardware for? Feel free to use the comments, I'm very curious!

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