The new generation of consoles has started! PS5 and Xbox Series X have appeared and are vying for the favor of the players. Well, at least as far as possible – due to the low delivery quantities, both consoles are currently still yes regularly completely sold out and getting to them turns out to be almost impossible.

Well, in the coming year the situation should be a little more relaxed, in a few months everyone who wants it should be able to throw one of the next-gen devices under their television. At least at the moment, it still looks like the Playstation 5 in particular will (buy now ) A particularly large number of buyers find whether they can ultimately decide the console generation for themselves, but of course it is still in the stars.

Lots of exciting games to play on Sony's Neuer are definitely on the horizon. The manufacturers are rolling over themselves with exciting announcements in order to get some of the cake. In order to keep track of this flood of upcoming potential highlights, we have selected the most important titles for you in our video and introduce them to you.

Of course, we don't want to completely ignore the old generation of consoles, after all The PS4 is still in well over 100 million households around the world and in many places will not leave this place anytime soon. That is why we will state for each game if it will also be released for the Playstation 4 and also present some of the few last-gen-exclusive adventures that will see the light of the console world in 2021.

We hope you enjoy watching! Is an important upcoming title missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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