The new PlayStation 5 has turned out to be a real best seller for Sony. Wherever you look, all digital sales shelves have been swept clean. And yet Sony had to post a new negative record in its home market last year. Are PS4 and PS5 in real crisis in Japan?

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PS4 and PS5 sales in Japan: Sony looks at falling numbers

Although the PS5 is selling like sliced ​​bread around the world, Sony seems to be struggling with some problems in its home market of Japan, such as a Famitsu's new report that surfaced on ResetEra:

Overview of PlayStation consoles sold in Japan from 1994 to 2020 (Image: ResetEra)

Clearly visible in the overview: Sony last sold as few consoles as last year in 1994 – 26 years ago. Not even a million units could be sold in Japan last year. This downward trend has been going on for several years. Most recently, Sony recorded growth in sales in 2016 compared to the previous year.

Especially handheld consoles such as PSP and PS Vita were apparently in great demand in Japan, as the distribution of the sales figures shows. After Sony let the PS Vita go down without a hitch, a good proportion of hardware sales in Japan also collapsed.

You can look forward to these exclusive games for the PS5 in the coming years:

Negative record for Sony: is the PlayStation going to be slow in Japan?

Voices have been heard in the past claiming that Sony is slowing Japan "Would no longer take it seriously". Such assumptions were made by, among others Japanese analyst Hideki Yasuda set up. However, one should not forget that the console launch of the PS5 should also have played an important role last year.

The next-gen consoles offer some interesting innovations:

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Some players may have postponed the purchase of a PS4 again, as the new model was already in the starting blocks. Since the production and delivery of the PS5 is struggling with major problems due to the Corona crisis, many Japanese players are still likely to be left on dry land – like the rest of the world.

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It remains to be seen how the sales figures will develop in the current year. Once the supply problems have been overcome, the Japanese market should also pick up again, at least that's what Sony should hope.