The E3 is a big spectacle every year and an opportunity for developers and companies to demonstrate their work and plans. For Sony this is apparently nothing, so the group will probably not be represented with the PlayStation this year either.

Has been moving since 1995 E3 numerous participants, no wonder, the event is a meeting point for everyone who has a reputation in the game industry. Releases, progress and plans are always presented there, but PlayStation now remains the E3 for the second time in a row – the company said known. According to one employee, the fair is currently not suitable for the topics that PlayStation focuses on this year. In general, the E3 organizer ESA is currently struggling to do justice to all participants. While publishers like Sony and EA want the event to be a Fan festival for players others would prefer the event geared towards the industry remains.

Some of them will surely also be represented at E3.

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PlayStation not on E3: focus on other events

The fact that PlayStation is now staying away from the E3 does not mean that we will not hear much from them this year. On the contrary, because the company intends Hundreds of events worldwide in 2020 to visit.

“We will build on our event strategy in 2020 by participating in hundreds of consumer events around the world. Our focus is on making fans feel part of the PlayStation family and having access to their favorite content. We have a fantastic lineup of titles for the PlayStation 4 and with the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 we are looking forward to a year full of celebrations with our fans, ”said one employee.

The E3 will take place this year from June 9th to 11th in Los Angeles.