Codename Spartacus: This is supposed to be a subscription service, with the Sony aon PS5 and PS4 shake up the gaming market and get one Competitors for the Xbox Game Pass want to create. It is to replace and expand Playstation Plus, where subscribers can play online games and download free games every month, as well as Playstation Now, the streaming service with games from PS3 and PS4 for Playstation consoles and PC.

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Project Spartacus for PS5 and PS4

This is reported by Bloomberg and refers to “people who are familiar with Sony’s plans” and documents that should be available on the website.

As with the Xbox Gamepass, you should pay a monthly fee at Spartacus and then have access not only to games and streaming added drop by drop, but to a wide selection of both modern and older games from the PS4. PS5 games will then also be part of Spartacus.

Playstation games for the PC

In contrast to Xbox Game Pass, it is not clear whether new blockbuster releases will be part of the subscription right away or only after a certain period of time. In general, PS5 games may not become part of Spartacus until later, while the focus will be on PS4 games at the beginning.

Ob Spartacus in any form also for the PC is intended is not apparent from the leak. Recently, however, Sony has increasingly published games from PS4 for the PC, including Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone. God of War and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection are coming to PC soon.

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How much does Spartacus cost for PS5 and PS4?

In the merged service of PS Plus, PS Now and Spartacus, three different subscription classes are to be made available, whereby Bloomberg notes that any changes can still be made here.

Subscription level 1 would then offer the classic advantages of Playstation Plus. Subscription level 2 would have a wide selection of games for PS4 and PS5 (buy now ) Offer. The most expensive Subscription level 3 Finally, there would also be extended demo versions, game streaming, i.e. the function of PS Now, as well as a classic library with titles from PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. There are still no prices from the alleged leak.

When will Spartacus be released for PS5 and PS4?

Allegedly supposed to Spartacus – then probably under a different name – yes in spring 2022 start. The name PS Plus is to be part of the package in some form, but PS Now is no longer used as a name. Sony is also to work on expanding its in-house cloud gaming services.

Where can I buy the PS5?

To be able to use the service on Sony’s new console, you have to use the PS5 but first of all to buy can. That is still quite difficult. Here is our list of retailers to keep an eye on.

Buy Watchlist PS5


Other PS5 dealers

Media market

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  • PS5 + Ghost of Tsushima DC + Death Stranding DC
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Other dealers

Those: Bloomberg

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